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Sorry, at the moment just this ▲ very nice Canon RF camera outfit for sale, have a look! To give you an idea of the range of photographic stuff that I collect and sell, here is sampling of cameras that I’ve sold. -CJ

Leica If body and 3,5/50 Elmar LensD-8LA Bolex-Paillard 8mm movie camera D8L D8LANikon M Nippon Kogaku MIOJ 35mm Rangefinder Camera + Nikkor + ER Holster
Mamiya 16 (original) 1949 MIOJ 16mm Spy CameraPacemaker Speed Graphic Graflex 2x3 CameraWirgin Stereo, Vintage 1954 Edixa 35mm Camera
Kodak Medalist II Rangefinder RF 620 CameraAdlake 4x5 Manual Plate Changing Box Camera c.1907 Seneca No. 9 Folding Plate View Camera
Ansco Risdon Model A 16mm Movie CameraNikon F camera body + Photomic FTN prismREVERE EIGHT Model 60 Movie 8mm vintage Camera
Pentax 35mm Spotmatic SP IIa + (3) Takumar LensesGraflex RB Series B 2x3 Camera, Lens, Magazine/SeptumsPentax 35mm LX Body + FA-2 Finder
Pentax 35mm LX Camera Box + Manual, Pentax Collectible Boxes and PamphletsVintage Kodak 16oz 500cc Darkroom Graduate+BoxOld Burke & James Stainless Developing Tanks/Reels 16mm