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Think Great Stuff

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Art Deco, Machine Age, Mid-Century Modern or otherwise: Vintage or antique home décor, industrial design, science, tech, art & collectibles — carefully packed and shipped fast.  About me

I’ve always loved anything vintage. In 2007 I created my first listing — a few 1950s vintage glass Christmas ornaments that sold at eBay auction for around ten bucks — a long ago precursor to my self-hosted and built-from-scratch online store (I’m also a graphic designer and software engineer).

Frequenting local estate-sale auctions I tend to acquire stuff that I am both knowledgeable of and which fit well into my shipping ‘logistics’ of UPS-only and not much larger than a breadbox — mostly settled into the categories shown below, which include: Antique Bookends (particularly Art Deco era bronze or bronze-clad), Vintage Cameras (early box cameras, beautiful wood & brass view cameras and roll-film spanning medium format, 35mm rangefinders, 16mm movie, 8mm spy cameras), and whatever vintage Porcelain or Pottery catches my eye.

Hope you find something you’d love to add to your home — thanks for taking the time to browse.

ps: Not familiar with antique bookends?  Begin exploring the topic by visiting my succinct guide at