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New IDC5Q Opto 22 (Qty 50 in stock, NOS) Quad-input module

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Product photo #100_1469 of SKU 21005001 (New IDC5Q Opto 22 (Qty 50 in stock, NOS) Quad-input module)
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Description SKU 21005001

This listing is for ONE (1) IDC5Q module.

We have quantity (50) in stock,
Qty 50 pricing –› 21005003
Qty 10 pricing –› 21005002

All of these modules have been in my possession since I purchased them direct from Opto 22, this back when I was an electrical engineer doing design/build of industrial control systems. Purchased for a job that was cancelled prior to being built, they went on the shelf in my storage room and have been there since. –CJ

Brand new, Opto22 IDC5Q Quad Channel DC Input Module, Made in USA; new old stock in original box; some of the boxes have scuffing or minor tears.

Note: As shown in the photos, I have used an ink-stamp to mark all of the modules with a stylized “XO” — this as a precaution against possible fraudulent claims of DOA.

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