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Product photo #100_1469 of SKU 21005001 (New IDC5Q Opto 22 NIB NOS USA)
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$60.00 USD

Seller: Think Great Stuff
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SKU 21005001

This listing is for ONE (1) IDC5Q module.

Need more? Inquire.
See also: 21005002 -and- 21005003

All of these modules have been in my possession since they were purchased direct from Opto 22, back when I owned a small engineering concern doing design/build of industrial control systems. Purchased for a job that was cancelled, so they went on the shelf in my storage room.

Brand new, Opto22 IDC5Q Quad Channel DC Input Module, Made in USA; new old stock in original box; some of the boxes have scuffing or minor tears.

Note: As shown in the photos, I have used an ink-stamp to mark all of the modules with a stylized “XO” — this as a precaution against possible fraudulent claims of DOA.

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