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1920s Art Deco Period Cut Glass Box, Floral & Leaves Motif

Product photo #100_8720 of SKU 21004011 (1920s Art Deco Period Cut Glass Box, Floral & Leaves Motif)
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SKU 21004011

Elegant Art Deco Period cut glass cigarette box, cut pinstripes on four sides of the box and the lid, with an additional motif of flowers and leaves cut into the lid.

SPECS: Box with lid measures about 4.4" by 3.5" by 1.5" tall (box without lid is 1.2" tall). Inside is 3.625" by 2.675 by .90" (but lid protrudes into this space by .175 deep around rim). Weight 8.6 oz box and 6.0 oz lid. Numerous fleabites on the inside rim of the box where it mates with the lid, as to be expected given its age, but otherwise no chips, no cracks.

Stylish and quietly elegant, it would look great on your coffee table, as a jewelry box on your dresser, as a business card holder on your desk, or on display with your collection of Art Deco items.

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