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STANGL USA 1950s Thistle Teapot, plus Creamer & Coaster

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Product photo #100_8640 of SKU 21004008 (STANGL USA 1950s Thistle Teapot, plus Creamer & Coaster)
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Description Item # 21004008

Made in USA vintage STANGL pottery, (3) pieces in the Thistle pattern: Dome-lid Teapot with brown-band "Trim", 8oz Creamer, and Coaster (TP2, CRMT1, COA). The Thistle pattern was made by Stangl from 1951 to 1978, these pieces are likely from the 1950s or early 1960s.

SPECS: Teapot is 6.25" tall base-to-finial, 10.4" handle-to-spout, weight 2lbs 4oz, spout-lip a bit rough from wear, hairline on inside of lid (see the photos). Creamer is 2.75 tall, 5.0" handle-to-spout, weight 6oz. Coaster is 5.1" diameter, weight 4oz.

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