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STANGL USA 1950s Thistle Teapot, plus Creamer & Coaster

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SKU 21004008

Made in USA vintage STANGL pottery, (3) pieces in the Thistle pattern: Dome-lid Teapot with brown-band "Trim", 8oz Creamer, and Coaster (TP2, CRMT1, COA). The Thistle pattern was made by Stangl from 1951 to 1978, these pieces are likely from the 1950s or 1960s.

SPECS: Teapot is 6.25" tall base-to-finial, 10.4" handle-to-spout, weight 2lbs 4oz, spout-lip a bit rough from wear, hairline on inside of lid (see the photos). Creamer is 2.75 tall, 5.0" handle-to-spout, weight 6oz. Coaster is 5.1" diameter, weight 4oz.

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