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Universal Potteries 1930s White Refrigerator Pitcher

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Product photo #100_8570 of SKU 21004005 (Universal Potteries 1930s White Refrigerator Pitcher)
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SKU 21004005

Truly Elegant Design, in all-white, with a pottery-and-cork stopper decorated with two silver bands — and this vintage Universal Potteries fridge water pitcher is a dead ringer for the original patent drawing (see the Reference-Photo, and the link below); it would be right at home in a museum or collection of home artifacts from the Great Depression.

"DESIGN PAT. PEND." in the hallmark signifies (according to USPTO requirements) that this pitcher was made between the patent filing date of Oct 29, 1937 and the patent issue date of Dec 21, 1937.

Also in the green mark on the bottom: Universal, Cambridge, O. [Ohio], Oven Proof, Made in the United States of America, National Brotherhood of Operative Potteries, and their seal: The Eye of Providence (or the all-seeing eye of God), Affiliated A. F. of L.


One of the earliest patents awarded to Walter Karl Titze, Design Patent D107564 begins: "Be it known that I, Walter Karl Titze, a citizen of the United States and a resident of San Francisco, county of San Francisco, State of California, have invented a new, original, and ornamental Design for a Pitcher or Similar Article..."

SPECS: Overall size is 9.5" tall (to top of stopper) by 7.5" handle-to-stopper by 3.0", weight is 1 lb 14 oz. Relatively consistent crazing all over, some discolorization (particularly on one side, the side seen with handle on right), some roughness on the bottom as would be expected from decades of use. The cork on the ceramic stopper is in amazingly good condition given its age.

A great piece of design, and sure to be noticed on the shelf or in the display case!

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