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1940s Franciscan Desert Rose Teapot, USA Rare Early Piece

Product photo #100_8500 of SKU 21004002 (1940s Franciscan Desert Rose Teapot, USA Rare Early Piece)
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SKU 21004002

Franciscan Desert Rose (USA) Teapot; this is the harder-to-find version with a green band on the lid.

Rare early piece with decorator’s mark scratched into the bottom.

This piece has the 1941-1947 USA backstamp: black "Francisan Ware" stamped in a circle; “Made in California USA” in the center of circle; “Hand Decorated” outside of the circle. The earliest pieces from the 1940s production were signed by the decorator scratching their marks into the piece; later pieces had the decorator's number stamped in black ink.

SPECS: Measures 10.1" handle to spout, 6.1" base to top of finial, weight is 1 lb 9 oz. Excellent condition for a piece of this vintage, just one fleabite on the spout, see the closeup photo.

This particular decorator's brushwork is the nicest that we've ever seen on Franciscan Ware; one of several pieces that we acquired; check our other listings.

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