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Hollohaza 1950s “Two Girls Reading” Porcelain Figurine

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Product photo #100_8240 of SKU 21004001 (Hollohaza 1950s “Two Girls Reading” Porcelain Figurine)
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Description Item # 21004001

Absolutely adorable! Vintage Hungarian-made in the 1950s porcelain figurine by Hollohaza of two girls sitting and reading a book together (or a mom and daughter). Folk art style, with sparingly applied polychrome glazes and beautiful subtle detailing. Mostly white, with dark orange, light orange, yellow, bluish-green, bluish-violet, and tiny touches of brown and black glazes. The older girl is mouth-ajar reading aloud, while the younger girl is smiling.

Hollohaza, founded in 1831 (along with Herend and Zsolnay) are revered as the finest producers of porcelain in Hungary.

Would make a fine Big Sister Little Sister gift, or daughter's Mother's Day gift.


SPECS: 5.5" tall, 3.1" wide, weight 8.6 oz. On the bottom, green stamp: "HOLLOHAZA, with tree logo, Handpainted, Made in Hungary, 1831". The bottom of the older girl's foot is also stamped/marked (could be "09" or "bC" or "hC" ). Pristine condition: No chips, No cracks, No repairs. Very pretty.

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