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"Buffalo Hunt" Bison Solid Bronze Antique Bookends

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"Buffalo Hunt" Bison Solid Bronze Antique Bookends (Art Deco Vintage) -- Photo 100_8300 -- SKU 21001332"Buffalo Hunt" Bison Solid Bronze Antique Bookends (Art Deco Vintage) -- Photo 100_8300 -- SKU 21001332

$875.00 USD

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SKU 21001332

A lasting tribute to the endless herds that once roamed the American West, "Buffalo Hunt", made Art Deco Period circa 1925, a pair of vintage solid-bronze bas-relief frieze-style book ends. These bookends depict a dynamic hunting scene, featuring two cowboys on horseback, horses rearing and one cowboy lancing the prey with a spear, tufts of grass in the foreground and a mountain range in the background. Gorgeous rich dark patina.

Once inhabiting the grasslands of North America in massive herds and a fixture of The Great Plains of the Native American Indian, bison were hunted close to extinction during the 19th and 20th centuries — these bookends evoke that era, in solid bronze, a fabulous pair!

SPECS: Each measures about 4.75" tall by 5" wide by 2.35" deep, the pair weighs in at 4 lbs 12 oz. Each is stamped SOLID BRONZE on the back. No. 270 in Kuritzky and De Costa.

  • sku: 21001332
  • title: "Buffalo Hunt" Bison Solid Bronze Antique Bookends
  • taxonomy: Antiques & Collectibles › Bookends › Solid Bronze
  • references: western pioneer cowboy Americana, man male figure, Native American, wilderness, environmental activism and conservation, a love of the great outdoors as embodied by John Muir and Ansel Adams, native species, subspecies include the Plains Bison and the Wood Bison
  • img: (8300-8319, -) 100_8300
  • bx0: 6.06 (3.1) ~ 8|8|8 ~ 40/0.30 ~ x/08c
  • bx1: ob (6.6) ~ 10|10|11 ~ 51/0.64 ~ x/10c
  • shp: EWT 9, BWT 9, dwt* 7, vol 0.64 ~ 10 | 10 | 11

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