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“Dutch Couple” 1920s Pompeian Bronze Bookends, Light Patina

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Product photo #100_6660 of SKU 21001271 (“Dutch Couple” 1920s Pompeian Bronze Bookends, Light Patina)
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Description Item # 21001271

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A darling pair, “Dutch Couple” made circa 1925 by the Pompeian Bronze Company, a pair of electroformed bronze-clad figural antique bookends, with original polychrome paint (green, orange, white). Beautiful aged-bronze patina. He has a traditional cap, and a handkerchief around his neck; she a traditional Dutch bonnet (or Dutch cap), and a smile. On the back, each is marked "Pompeian Bronze Co. 140".

SPECS: Bronze-clad (bronze over plaster). Each measures about 7" tall by 6" by 3" at the base, the pair weighs in at 7 lbs 11 oz. Some paint loss and small dents consistent with their age; no breaks or tears in the bronze cladding. There are a couple of spots on her face where cleaning has removed the patina — difficult to see, unless the light is at just the right angle, see the photos.

Would make a nice wedding or anniversary gift!


Keywords: Holland, Netherlands, love, Valentines Day, boyfriend and girlfriend, significant other, soul mates.

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