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Roaring Tiger 1920s Pompeian Bronze Bookend Statuette

Product photo #100_6412 of SKU 21001260 (Roaring Tiger 1920s Pompeian Bronze Bookend Statuette)
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SKU 21001260

Notable of course: 2022 is The Year of the Tiger. The Lunar New Year — also known as the Chinese New Year and, in China, as the Spring Festival — was rung in on February 1, beginning weeks of festivities. In Asian cultures, the tiger is the symbol of bravery, wisdom and strength. 2022 is a year of the Water Tiger; a Water Tiger year occurs every 60 years, with this one ending on January 21, 2023.

More fine art than collectible, this fierce Roaring Tiger, made circa 1925 by the Pompeian Bronze Company, in wonderful original condition. Electroformed, figural, bronze-clad (bronze over plaster). Gorgeous dark-chocolate patina. Most likely intended for use as a statuette for the mantle or bookshelf; could also be used as a single bookend, a coffee table figurine, or a paperweight. This listing is for a SINGLE bookend/statuette.

The fighting stance of this tiger also brings to mind a particular pair of life-size bronze tigers just down the road from us, so some sidebar...


The "Princeton Tigers" are, of course, the name of Princeton Athletics, famous for the first ever college football game, played on November 6, 1869, against Rutgers. Tigers in a variety of moods — ferocious, smiling, serene and roaring — can be spotted on and around buildings all over the Princeton campus. This mantle-top bronze-clad feline reminds us most of the large pair of bronze tigers crouching on the Adams Mall, between Clio Hall and Whig Hall on the Princeton University campus; here is a Photo of "Cleo"

Like tigers and sports mascots? (but not a alum) Forty-five other college teams use the tiger as their mascot; among them: Auburn Tigers, Benedict Tigers, Clemson Tigers, Colorado College Tigers, DePauw Tigers, East Texas Baptist Tigers, Grambling State Tigers, Iowa Wesleyan Tigers, Jackson State Tigers, Lincoln (MO) Blue Tigers, LSU Fightin' Tigers, Memphis Tigers, Missouri Tigers, Ouchita Baptist Tigers, Pacific Tigers, RIT Tigers, Salem International Tigers, Savannah State Tigers, Sewanee Tigers, Tennessee State Tigers, Texas Southern Tigers, Towson Tigers, Trinity Tigers, Voorhees Tigers, West Alabama Tigers, Wittenberg Tigers.


Now, back to the details of this fantastic Pompeian Bronze Company tiger...

SPECS: Bronze-clad (bronze over plaster). Measures about 6.5" tall on a 8" by 2.6" base (the tiger's body is slightly larger than the base, at about 8.3" nose to ankle), and weighing in at 3 lbs 5 oz. Marked "Pompeian Bronze" on one of the base's long sides, and "311" on one of the short sides. Bronze-cladding is in excellent condition, without any breaks or tears. A couple very minor scrapes/marks, see the photos with pointer.

A rare beautiful piece from the Art Deco period, by one of the finest makers of bronze-clad.

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