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Shakespeare 1910s Pompeian Bronze Copper-clad Antique Bookend

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Product photo #100_6310 of SKU 21001255 (Shakespeare 1910s Pompeian Bronze Copper-clad Antique Bookend)
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Description Item # 21001255

Very unusual William Shakespeare, made circa 1918 by the Pompeian Bronze Co, a SINGLE electroformed figural bookend. This bookend features the "Bard of Avon" on a substantial "L" form. Exceedingly rare even in bronze-clad, we have never come across this one before in copper; it is either copper-clad or copper over bronze-clad, with original polychrome paint. Gorgeous copper-red patina.

This listing is for ONE (1) bookend only, it could be used as a coffee table figurine, desk paperweight, or statuette on the mantle. Of course, you can use it as a single bookend if your bookshelf is closed at one end. Or, pair it with some other bookends, or book ends, that you own.

Rare, rare, rare. Similar to 2152 in Kuritzky and De Costa, but also quite different. Unlike 2152, this one does not have the bard's name across the front. Also, the shape and details look far less factory-produced; this one is also likely much earlier, possibly a prototype or one-of-a-kind. On the back it is marked: "SHAKESPEARE, (c), 123, Pompeian Bronze". Also, on the side of the base is the Pompeian Bronze shopmark (not particularly readable), and another (c) mark.

SPECS: Measures about 5" tall by 6.5" wide by 2.5" deep, weighs in at 3 lbs 12 oz. Some dents and dings, tiny 1mm x 3mm clad chip missing on the top-right near the corner. The top-left corner appears to have been soldered, perhaps at the factory, perhaps later. To my eye, these issues detract little, if at all. Substantial crazing and loss of original polychrome paint.

The Bard — literary great of English Renaissance theatre and a wonderful addition to your collection — design, colors, patina, and condition make this one a real find.

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