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STANGL USA Vintage Mediterranean Salt & Pepper Shakers Set

Product photo #100_7000 of SKU 21001210 (STANGL USA Vintage Mediterranean Salt & Pepper Shakers Set)
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SKU 21001210

Vintage Stangl hand-painted "Mediterranean" pattern salt and pepper shaker set (spongeware, spatterware) each with a rubber plug that is marked "STANGL". Nearly identical to Stangl's Caughley-Blue pattern, except Mediterranean also has some green spatter mixed with the blue spatter.

SPECS: Each shaker is about 4" tall and 2" in diameter, pair weighs in at 8 oz, salt has 3 holes and pepper has 5 holes. Mint condition: no chips, no cracks, no repairs. The rubber plugs are still quite pliable — but open carefully — they are old, and a tug will likely cause them to tear.

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