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1950s Italy-made Tilt Pitcher, Vibrant Hand-painted Flowers

Product photo #100_5040 of SKU 21001195 (1950s Italy-made Tilt Pitcher, Vibrant Hand-painted Flowers)
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SKU 21001195

Vibrant colors and full of life: Circa 1950 Italian hand-painted tilt pitcher, bulbous shape with a big flared spout. Painted with a scene of overlapping flowers & leaves in pretty pastel colors (violet, purple, burgundy/red, orange, green), and with gold-colored crosshatched trim. Italian soft paste porcelain, most likely made around 1950, although it could be older, since there were thousands of small potteries producing soft paste ceramic-wares for export to North America from about 1930 onward. But it looks more mid-century "Fifties Modern", Just plain fun to look at!

On the bottom: There is a paper label, fragile and partially missing, which reads "Paul's Gifts, Est. 1898, E.R.P. & Co., New York, Made in Italy", with Globe logo.

SPECS: About 8.5" from the handle to the far side of the body, base about 5.2" in diameter, base to the top of the spout is 6.8", and weighing in at 1 lb 12 oz (795g). No chips, no cracks, no repairs, there is some crazing. Tiny 1/16" diameter glaze-miss on one side of the spout, see the ARROW photo.

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