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Canon IIF2 “EP” 1955 vintage 35mm Rangefinder Camera Bundle

Product photo #100_3660 of SKU 21001183 (Canon IIF2 “EP” 1955 vintage 35mm Rangefinder Camera Bundle)
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SKU 21001183

Note: Items in this lot are also available separately; please see our other listings.

Complete Canon Rangefinder outfit, US military "EP" Exchange Post model. The IIF2 body is in near-mint condition; fully functional; watch the VIDEO; shutter clicks begin at 1:30. The lens, flash and other items are as-noted below. If you plan to use this camera (rather than just display it) expect to first do a CLA.

Acquired at a local estate sale; all original vintage 1955; included is everything that was packed into the leather outfit bag:

• Canon IIF2 camera body — Rare! Only 2625 made.
• Canon 50mm f1.8 lens, with original metal lens cap
• Canon shutter release, overall length is 10.75"
• Canon ERC, Ever-ready type leather holster
• Canon zippered leather outfit bag
• Weston Master II exposure meter with holster, Model 735


CAMERA BODY — Canon Model IIF2, serial number 190596 engraved on the top plate along with "EP" and "Canon Camera Company Inc. Japan". It has its original film take-up spool, and its original leather strap. Operational checks: Speed settings (accurate to ear), Film counter advances, ASA Film Speed dial is settable. Lever below the rewind knob operates the optical viewfinder magnification that covers 50mm (F), 100mm (1x), and 135mm (1.5x) lenses, Rangefinder function appears accurate (tape measure check correlates with markings on the lens barrel.)

LENS — Canon 50mm f1.8, serial number 145909, with original metal Canon front lens cap. Focus mechanism and aperture diaphragm are both smooth, built-in infinity focus lock. Outer elements look fine, possible anomaly or degradation on one of the inner elements, please carefully study the photos.

LEATHER HOLSTER, "Ever Ready" — Canon logo on the front, "Canon" with bird/phoenix logo and "Made in Japan" on the back. Excellent condition, just some creases on the leather "hinge" areas. Lined with red-colored fabric.

LEATHER OUTFIT BAG — "Canon" on the front. Brown leather outside with red suede inside, this bag is specifically designed to hold this camera and flash unit. Wear and scuffing on the outside, the largest inside compartment is torn and sewn, the zippers work. Has a pair of tripod-straps built into the bottom.

OTHER — Weston Master II exposure meter with holster, Model 735, serial number 4524146, working, but not checked for accuracy. Kenko blue filter, LBC 8, K1/22, w/42mm thread. Agfa metal 35mm film canister.


Similar to the Canon IIF — but much rarer — Model IIF2 is confirmed by serial number range (173200-217100), and described in Deschert's book as a total of 2625 made around 1955 - 1956. The engraved "EP" on the top plate stands for "Exchange Post", and indicates that this camera was purchased through the US military Exchange. Functionally like the IIF, except speed dials split at 30, differs from the much more common IIS2 by lack of electronic flash synch.

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