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C. Perkes early-1900s Antique Bronze Boating Bilge Hand Pump

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Product photo #100_3136 of SKU 21001150 (C. Perkes early-1900s Antique Bronze Boating Bilge Hand Pump)
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SKU 21001150

Antique "C. Perkes, Philadelphia" bilge hand pump, with nice old as-found patina. This great old nautical antique is in unusually nice condition — most Perkes of this vintage have beat-up wooden handles from years of use and/or significant corrosion of the bronze. Not this one. The handle has its original finish, with only modest wear, and the bronze displays a beautiful aged patina, but without the heavy corrosion more commonly found. A great gift for the mariner, sailor, boating enthusiast, or family member in the US Navy.

"C. Perkes, Phila" is molded into both the pump body, and the iron base. Stamped circumferentially around the threaded body cap/top: "Pat Mar 15, 1898 - June 18, '01" [1901] Referring to the two patents issued to Inventor Charles Perkes.

Nice conversation piece for your boat, barge, sailboat, yacht, or clubhouse; and would look great in a display case with your other vintage maritime and nautical gear. Rare to come across one this nice!


SPECS: The pump body is 2.00" O.D. by about 10" long. Inside diameter is 1.84" I.D. The plunger is made of leather, and is in good shape considering its age. Overall height retracted is 24-1/8" tall, with stroke extended about 33" tall overall. Nice comfortable two-hand wooden handle is 8-1/2" wide. This item weighs in at a very solid 10 lb 1 oz (4563 g). The water inlet is 2" from the floor, and the water outlet fits the female end of a standard 3/4" garden hose. We did not test whether or not it pumps water, but the plunger operates up/down as it should, and one can feel air pressure on the outlet when pumping.

PATENTS: Invented by Charles Perkes, this pump is covered by two design patents, D28379 and D34675, issue dates March 15, 1898 and June 18, 1901. See our REFERENCE PHOTO of the patent drawings.

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