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Dale & Davis 1880s Ceramic Planter Urn, Prospect Hill Trenton

Product photo #100_3019 of SKU 21001147 (Dale & Davis 1880s Ceramic Planter Urn, Prospect Hill Trenton)
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Description Item # 21001147

Historically significant, this late 19th century antique white ironstone urn (or planter) was made by the Prospect Hill Pottery Company of Trenton, Mercer County, New Jersey, which was operated by Dale & Davis. On the bottom, in black, under the glaze: Dale & Davis, Ironstone China, Lion and Unicorn backstamp, the mark measures 1.45 x 1.10 inches.


Rare 19th century Victorian Period urn: Lion and Unicorn mark is shown in "Lehner's Encyclopedia of U.S. Marks on Pottery, Porcelain, and Clay" (p. 359); and includes the following description and photo:

Prospect Hill Pottery. Trenton, New Jersey. Was operated by Dale and Davis in Trenton, New Jersey, from 1880 until 1894 or 1895 making decorated semi-porcelain and white granite dinnerware according to Barber. […] The early marks in Barber for the Prospect Hill Pottery involve the names Dale and Davis. Davis, working alone, had exhibited white granite and decorated crockery in Philadelphia in 1876 […]

Dale and Davis hallmark

SPECS: Base is 7.65 inches in diameter, max diameter is approx 10.5 inches, height is 12.5 inches tall, weighs 10 lb 2 oz (4592 g). Even crazing all over, inside and out. There are three hairlines (coins are shown for scale) the largest is approx 2 inches long and spans the inside/outside across the rim. There is a small chip missing on the base, approx .3 x .15 inches. There are two dark marks on the outside. Some glazing "stones" here and there.

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