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“75” Blue & White Antique Porcelain Sign, House Number

Product photo #100_2586 of SKU 21001116 ( “75” Blue & White Antique Porcelain Sign, House Number)
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Description -- Item # 21001116

“75” Blue & White Antique Porcelain House Number, beautiful classic serif typeface, white on cobalt blue, elegant & stately, as found on old houses and estates in Europe and elsewhere.

Makes a great 75th birthday gift or maybe you were born in 1975 or your home is at #75 or your office is Suite 75 or perhaps you just like the number 75!

SPECS: Deep blue, almost purple, background, with white beautiful old-style serif numbers. This sign measures 6.90" x 5.17" (175mm x 131mm). The numbers are 3.15" tall (80mm). The thickness varies, it is about 0.125" near the edge and 0.275" near the center. It weighs in at 13.0 oz (368 g).

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