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Pennsbury Pottery 1950s Amish “Harvest” Pedestal Cake Stand

Product photo #100_2315 of SKU 21001084 (Pennsbury Pottery 1950s Amish “Harvest” Pedestal Cake Stand)
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SKU 21001084

A lovely piece of Americana, the Pennsbury Pottery "Harvest" cake stand, with Thanksgiving bounty feast. Made in the 1950s or early 1960s, the design includes: An Amish couple, boy and girl, carrying a tray heaped with a turkey, a pumpkin, fruits and vegetables. A heart and tree is also part of the pattern. The boy and girl are facing the same direction (see note below). Genuine, authentic, vintage, Made in USA, Pennsbury Pottery.

SPECS: About 11~1/2" diameter by 4~1/2" tall. On the bottom: "Pennsbury Pottery, Morrisville, PA", incised. Mint condition: No chips, no cracks, no repairs. Simply beautiful.

Excerpt from "Pennsbury Pottery" by Lucile Henzke, page 47: “Harvest” pattern displays an amish couple carrying a laden holiday tray consisting of a pumpkin turkey and other seasonal foods. There are two versions of the Harvest pattern, even though the difference is slight. On one, the turkey is deleted from the tray and the couple is walking forward, however, the man has his head towards the woman. The other version shows both people facing in the same direction. This is a Lee Below design, sometimes initialed LE or LB.

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