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Pennsbury Pottery Amish "Harvest" Cake Stand

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SKU 21001084

A lovely piece of Americana, the Pennsbury Pottery "Harvest" cake stand, with Thanksgiving bounty feast. The design includes: An Amish couple (boy and girl, or, man and woman) carrying a tray heaped with a turkey, a pumpkin, fruits and vegetables; a heart and a tree is also part of the pattern. The boy and girl are facing the same direction (see note below). Genuine, authentic, vintage, Made in USA, Pennsbury Pottery.

SPECS: About 11~1/2" diameter by 4~1/2" tall. On the bottom: "Pennsbury Pottery, Morrisville, PA", incised. Mint condition: No chips, no cracks, no repairs. Simply beautiful.

Note: From Lucile Henzke's "Pennsbury Pottery" book: "There are two versions of the Harvest pattern [...] The version with both people facing in the same direction is a Lee Below design, sometimes initialed LE or LB." (p.47) While many "Harvest" pieces do appear in the book, the "Harvest" cake stand does not, but see pp.48-50 for similar Pennsbury cake stands.

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