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NEW Adatek CU10, System 10 Control Unit, Series E, NOS NIB

Product photo #100_1481 of SKU 21001023 (NEW Adatek CU10, System 10 Control Unit, Series E, NOS NIB)
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SKU 21001023

BRAND NEW Adatek CU10 Series E, industrial controller, still in its factory-sealed anti-static bag. This is the cpu/processor CONTROL UNIT (not the System 10 Digital I/O Expansion Module.) Back in the 1980s I was a design engineer; I built and programmed a number of systems using Adatek controllers. Purchased as a spare, this brand new sealed-bag unit has been in my possession ever since.

Adatek was an industrial controls company, founded by Ray Pelland in Sandpoint Idaho back in the 1980's. It's "State Logic" language was innovative and ahead of its time; far advanced from the typical PLC controller of the day.

If you are a collector of Vintage Tech, then Adatek's unique approach of State Logic belongs in your museum. On the other hand, if you have a piece of (legacy) factory equipment that has one of these controllers in it, then this BRAND NEW controller might be the critically-needed spare that someday you just gotta' have to keep your production line running.

Although New Old Stock, and in its factory-sealed bag, this item does NOT come with any warranty. The manufacturer is long defunct, and the item is sold AS-IS, NO RETURNS.

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