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What our customers say

From our inbox:

We sometimes get a short note after a customer receives their purchase, here are just a few:

That was fast!! Got tracking from UPS like an hour after I did Paypal. Thx!” -Rose in Washington

Bookends arrived safe+sound, EXCELLENT PACKING (and wow you ship fast) thanks!” -Nancy in California

Thank you - you are a pleasure to deal with and I see that you shipped already (wow!)” -Brian in New York

The Lions have arrived, and they are absolutely beautiful!! Many times more magnificent than I had expected, glorious! They are gleaming in my kitchen - with my much loved cooking books.” -Letetia in Tasmania (Australia)

… at Ruby Lane

We also sell on Ruby Lane, a venue for antiques’ dealers. Our Ruby Lane shop-rating is Gold — a rating that speaks to our commitment of 100% customer satisfaction. •Update: We have temporarily closed our Ruby Lane shop so that we can spend more of our time making the easiest best online-shopping experience.

… some eBay feedback  ◱

… and every so often, a truly touching letter:

Not seeing any Feedback a week after delivery of a vintage cookie jar that we sold through our eBay store … just to check, we asked and received this reply:

The cookie jar arrived. It is for my sister and she will be opening it tomorrow, so I wouldn’t be able to confirm that it arrived safe & sound until then. She has been looking for years. It is the cookie jar we grew up with. If you come across any more PLEASE let me know.”

… so we sent along some suggestions on finding another, and then this email arrived the next day:

I wish I could have written more for feedback, I have never come across a seller like you. When I say that, I’m including all that my husband has purchased (and all of the other experiences I hear about). I guess if I could have hand-picked a seller like you it would be for this cookie jar. Me and my three sisters all have very vivid memories of this cookie jar (and the toll house cookie bars that my mom use to keep in it). We lost our mom when I was 5 (I’m now 28 and the youngest of four) and we have few tangible things. It is truly priceless, which is why I couldn’t open it when it came. We have been looking for it for years, my sister’s been more persistent, so she had to be the one to open it. You’ve given us a priceless gift, with the absolute best experience. From the years we’ve spent looking, I know they are hard to come by. And THANK YOU for the many detailed suggestions for finding another!”

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Vintage ❧ Antique ❧ Unique
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