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"Ruffed Grouse" Bronze Bird on Onyx Antique Bookends

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SKU 21001311
"Ruffed Grouse" Bronze Bird on Onyx Antique Bookends (Art Deco Vintage) -- Photo 100_7672 -- SKU 21001311"Ruffed Grouse" Bronze Bird on Onyx Antique Bookends (Art Deco Vintage) -- Photo 100_7672 -- SKU 21001311

$750.00 USD

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Very Art Deco pair of bookends, Solid bronze Ruffed Grouse or Ptarmigan on a beautiful highly figured green onyx base, made circa 1920's. In classic pose, these ruffed grouse are in "drumming" position with tail feathers up. Origin and maker are unknown to us, but other figural book ends with marble or onyx bases were often made in France or Austria. While many folks might describe these bookends as having a "marble base", onyx is in fact a form of quartz.

SPECS: Each measures about 6.9" tall overall, including the green onyx base, which measures about 4" by 3" by .9" thick, the pair weighs in at 6 lbs 1 oz. Each is stamped "BRONZE".

A very fine pair of vintage bookends for the Art Deco collector — or the ornithologist, birder, bird watcher, or upland game hunter in your family.

  • sku: 21001311
  • title: "Ruffed Grouse" Bronze Bird on Onyx Antique Bookends
  • taxonomy: Antiques & Collectibles › Bookends › Solid Bronze
  • references: pheasant, quail, mating male female couple, hunting, game bird,
  • img: (7650-7678, -) 100_7672
  • bx0: 9.08 (5.8) ~ 10|8|12 ~ 48/0.56 ~ x/#24_10x8x6
  • bx1: ob (11.6) ~ 16|12|10 ~ 60/1.11 ~ x/#38_16x12x10
  • shp: EWT 13, BWT 13, dwt* 12, vol 1.11 ~ 16 | 12 | 10

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